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Model Turned Superstar (18x30min)

Model Turned Superstar (18x30min)

Genre: Entertainment/Competition/Adventure

Hosted By: April Scott

Supermodel Guest Judges: Alessandra Ambosio, Irina Shayk, and Ana Beatriz Barros

Synopsis: Who Will Be The $1 Million Winner? Featuring Supermodel guest judges Alessandra Ambrosio Irina Shayk and Ana Beatriz Barros, Model Turned Superstar is a new hit modeling competition show that brings together 80 international models to compete for a life-changing grand prize and their shot at worldwide fame. The winning model receives a grand prize of $1,000,000 and a model contract.

Model Turned Superstar – Season 1 - Episodic Descriptions

1) Mexico (Part 1): Fourteen models from around the world compete in Mexico to move on to the Beverly Hills mansion and win a $1 million cash prize. Guest judge and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio coaches the girls on walking the runway, and four finalists move on to the photo shoot challenge on the sunny Punta Mita shore.

2) Mexico (Part 2): The models embark on a series of exciting activities with host April Scott that include a horseback riding photo shoot, culinary challenges, learning to surf in the Pacific ocean, and a Mariachi dancing competition to see who will move on to the Beverly Hills finale.

3) Hong Kong (Part 1): Eleven international models gather in the fashion capital of Asia to battle for a place in the Los Angeles mansion and a grand prize of $1 million. Host Natalie Getz takes the girls on a race along the Kowloon Reservoir, and to their first ever go-see with top design company, Replay Hong Kong.

4) Hong Kong (Part 2): The girls take on physical and creative challenges such as fishing in the Kowloon river, preparing gourmet cocktails, and a haute couture photoshoot in the bustling streets of Hong Kong to see which three girls will move on to the Beverly Hills mansion.

5) Bahamas (Part 1): Fifteen models from around the globe convene in gorgeous Nassau to compete for a trip to Los Angeles and to win a grand prize of $1 million. Host and international fashion model Anastasia Kuznetsova teaches the girls how to get the perfect shot for the beach bikini photoshoot.

6) Bahamas (Part 2): The girls take part in a series of challenges that test their patience and creativity with early morning yoga, improvisational acting challenges, and group cooking exercises to see which four finalists will move on to the Beverly Hills mansion.

7) Dubai (Part 1): Nine international models join together with Russian model Anastasia Kuznetsova and special guest Kelly Hu in the desert oasis of Dubai for a chance to win $1 million. Between riding ATVs through the desert and exploring the legendary bazaars, the girls will test their strengths to see who can be the winner.

8) Dubai (Part 2): The models compete in a variety of challenges and adventures such as riding camels, through the desert, traditional Middle Eastern style dancing, and taking part in a high fashion photo shoot at the Atlantis Resort in Dubai. Only three will move on to the big finale.

9) Thailand (Part 1): Nineteen gorgeous models from around the world come together on the exotic shores of Thailand to compete for a $1 million grand prize in a series of exciting challenges including zip lining through the forests of Phuket and participating in an underwater photography challenge on sunny Coral Beach.

10) Thailand (Part 2): Host April Scott and photographer Maximillian Xavier review the pictures from the Coral Beach photography shoot to choose a winner based on composition, story, and technique, before the girls embark on a culinary challenge creating authentic Thai cuisine.

11) Thailand (Part 3): The models learn about the traditional Thai way of life by riding elephants at the Siam Safari nature preserve and displaying their creativity with an intricate Batik-style painting challenge to be judged by local Phuket artists.

12) Thailand (Part 4): The girls travel to the iconic Big Buddha of Phuket before competing in their final challenges of kayaking through sea caves, beach bikini modeling, and a photoshoot in traditional Thai dress to see who will move on to the finale in Los Angeles, California.

13) Bora Bora (Part 1): Fifteen stunning models from around the globe join together in picturesque Bora Bora to compete for the chance to win $1 million and a trip to Los Angeles. They face a variety of challenges such as authentic Tahitian dancing, swimming with sharks and stingrays, and a runway competition wearing real Tahitian pearls from local artisans.

14) Bora Bora (Part 2): The fifteen models show off their creative sides with a cocktail making challenge and the Perfect Postcard photoshoot to see who can best capture the feel of the island. Who will move on to the big finale in Los Angeles? 

15) Los Angeles (Part 1): The big finale brings the top thirteen models tothe Beverly Hills mansion to compete for $1 million and a Hollywood contract to take their careers to the next level. Guest judge and Victoria’s Secret model Ana Beatriz Barros coaches the girls through a bikini runway competition after an exhausting morning of paddle boarding on the Pacific Ocean.

16) Los Angeles (Part 2): The girls face several days of exhausting physical challenges with an early morning yoga session on the beach with celebrity yogi Bizzie Gold, and an intense workout on the lawn with personal trainer to the stars, Jerry Kind, to stay in superstar shape.

17) Los Angeles (Part 3): The models show their creative side with a self-portrait painting challenge with celebrity portrait artist Johanna Spinks, before going on their first ever film audition with director and producer Chadwick Pelletier to try out their acting abilities. 

18) Los Angeles (Part 4): Guest judges Alessandra Ambrosio and Irina Shayk coach the girls through a Victoria’s Secret runway challenge, lingerie photoshoot, and a glamorous outdoor photo series to see who has what it takes before a red carpet entrance for the final judging! Who will win the $1 million grand prize? Find out in the big finale of Model Turned Superstar!


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